Lean Crust

The concept of Lean Crust was first envisioned in 2009. With the growth of health products and a focus on quality of ingredients, we felt pizza was left behind. We decided to create, not only great tasting pizza, but also pizza that you didn't have to feel guilty eating. With Gluten Free and Vegan options, we strive to make sure you're as proud to eat our pizza as we are to make it for you!



We are always looking for the next perfect spot for Lean Crust. Got a suggestion as to where we should go next? Drop us a line at info@leancrust.com



737 Fulton St

Brooklyn, NY 11217



Located inside Sprout Market

984 Broadway 

Brooklyn, NY 11221                                           347.406.6038


Lean Crust™         info@leancrust.com